March 9, 2017 Ceri 2Comment

Over the last few weeks while I was meant to be revising, I have been updating my blog! New pages and features are still being added, so check back again in a few weeks.  It feels like a lifetime ago when I started this blog to write about my Europe tour but as I had to make the blog quickly, I now need to change a fair amount of settings and layouts! Also most of it was done from my phone and small tablet before so using a computer make it much easier! Bridge joining Norway…

June 2, 2016 Ceri 1Comment

Day 8 Tuesday 31st May 2016 – Helsingor to Ishøj 54 miles May is a quiet but great time of year to go camping and travelling; the weather is normally just getting warmer but schools haven’t broken up so the season is only just getting going. Campsite’s are normally open but quiet and the same can be said about youth hostels. At all of the hostels I’ve stayed at so far, although I pay for a shared dorm, I always the only one in there.

Helsingor Danhostel
Helsingor was a vibrant town, with lots of tourists…

May 24, 2016 Ceri

Monday 23rd May 2016 So the last few days have been hectic! I only started planning this trip about three to four weeks ago so the planning has been limited! I left Hereford this morning and will arrive in Rygge, Norway tomorrow at noon. The journey time in total is taking me around a day, staying the night in Stanstead. Sorting out what to bring wasn’t too much of a problem but packing and making sure I had everything was! Every day I thought I had everything I needed but there was always something more, suncream, pliers, battery pack…The list…

May 18, 2016 Ceri

Since planing my cycling tour this year, I have had about 3 weeks to rush around local shops and online stores to buy a long list of items including panniers and a handlebar bag. Panniers – rear, front and a handlebar bag On previous cycling trips I have been travelling much shorter distances and only for weeks rather than months! Therefore I have only needed two rear panniers to fit everything in. This year however, I will need more space to fit a tent, sleeping bag, stove, gas etc which I previously didn’t need, mainly as…

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Cycling on the Continent is a travel blog following a young explorer on his travels around Europe. A blog with information, tips, pictures and inspiration. Please comment or contact me to share stories and advice.

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My trip starts in about a week,  so planning is fully underway! I find the best way to plan a cycling tour is to plan an outline route, with highlights including large cities, places of interest and countries that the tour will go through. This means that any regional map can be bought before you start. However, anymore planning like the actual route, including accommodation and roads that will be used can be made day to day when on the trip. This enables you to change your plan and detour to other locations and interesting points that you hear about….