France tour – The beginning… 

Wednesday 2nd August 2017 – 1 km!

This summer for my yearly tour, I’m cycling down France with some of my family! Less miles and shorter days than last year’s touring but hopefully just as fun!

On UK trains the bike spaces are always small and normally limited to just 2 bikes. As there are 4 of us going, we had to go on 2 separate train journeys, all planned out 3 months ago by my mum!


The train was as pleasant as any train journey is, apart from the squashed bikes, especially in Bristol Temple Meads, where there were 5 bikes, the food trolley and a large double bass all trying to squeeze in. Luckily we all fitted in and arrived safely in Portsmouth Harbour.

Here the French weather seemed no closer, with high winds and heavy rain. Luckily here we were reunited as a family again and headed towards the ferry, battering against the headwind and rain.

At the ferry terminal there was another cyclist from Hereford, who was cycling a similar route to us. The only difference was that he was cycling it in a few days, compared to a few weeks!

After some new x-ray checks and security, we passed all the cars patiently queuing  and were waved straight onto the boat. These are the perks of being a cyclist!

As it was an overnight ferry, we had a cabin to sleep in. At first it seemed that there were only 2 beds. Just as we were about to check we had the right room, we realised there were 2 handles on the roof. Pulling them down, 2 more beds slowly emerged…Small but looked fairly comfy for a ferry cabin!

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