La Velo Francette 

French tour, day 2 – 64km

Packing up tents and eating breakfast always seems to take longer than originally planned, but we were away before 8.30. Fuelled by some rice cakes and crusty one day French bread, we were soon flying along down into a small village. Here we bought some newly made baguettes and carried on. Our morning optimism was soon gone, when the first hills came into sight. Although nothing big, it was rolling terrain for the next 15km. 

As we were cycling on the La Velo Francette cycle path, we were often overtaking and being overtaken other similar cyclists.  However speaking only a few words of French, it’s hard to answer they questions without looking bewildered! 

Just before re-joining the flat path following a railway line,  one of my sisters spotted a plum tree. Perfect timing to fill our now slightly hungry stomachs, with a bit of roadside fruit!  

  As we are cycling on a cycle path,  there aren’t many shops around meaning we have to go into passing towns to stock up.  Here the nearest shop was in Domfront, a Carrefour Market, 2km off route. By the we had cycled up the hill to it, bought some cheese and pasta and cycled down, it was already an hour later!

Today wasn’t a day when we had lots of kilometres to travel though, so we arrived at our Municipal campsite in the early afternoon. Last year when I was cycling in Europe I never camper at a Municipal campsite, mainly as my app on my phone never showed them. However as they are council run, they are normally much cheaper compared to others.  

The lady in charge was very friendly and was constantly talking to us, even though 99% of what she was saying made absolutely no sense to us English speakers! 

Just as we finally understood where she wanted us to camp, it started to drizzle which quickly turned into a heavy downpour. This however didn’t seem to dampen the spirits of the circus and party just across the lake from the campsite. There were loudspeakers connected to a DJ, who also played an accordion.  This all sounded very French!

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