More rain but only myself to blame!

Day 20 Sunday 12th June 2016 – Berg to Regensburg 50 miles (1152 miles in total)

Todays route

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I had been warned that today would be a rather dull and wet day, but waking up with the sun shining on my tent seemed to indicate otherwise. A friendly German couple, also camping, offered some morning tea. Having brought no tea bags with me, I greatly took up this offer, spending the next 20 minutes discussing tea habits and the implications of Brexit. Good to hear what neighbouring countries from the continent have to say on the debate. 

Calm before the storm

Leaving just before 9am and the dark clouds were starting to approach. The campsite had a wide view, so I could see them getting nearer and nearer. The next few miles I cycled as fast as I could, in hope that I could magically out pace the rain clouds. It was a worthy try but came to no avail.

Dark clouds looming

Remembering it was going to be Sunday today, I had stocked up well yesterday. Meaning the only stop I needed was to get a fresh an apfel tart. Bakeries seem to be the only shops open on Sundays. Good thing I like bread and pastries!


The rain continued most day, with only a few periods of clear skies. When this happened, I would always rejoice too soon and take off all of my wet weather gear off. Within 10 minutes the rain would normally return. It got exceptionally worse in a small town situated on the top of a hill. Water was gushing down the cobbled streets, with small flash floods being formed at the bottom. There was a bridge which I managed to find some shelter under,  to soon be joined by about half a dozen other cyclists having the same idea. It was almost a party of wet and soaked cyclists!

Still some great views

Being Sunday, there was a cycling sportive going on, many on carbon road bikes. I’m sure their bikes and bearings weren’t enjoying the weather! For the next few hours, I seemed to be doing the exact route as the sportive, except the opposite direction. This meant every hill I snaked my way slowly up, I would receive a few shouts of encouragement! Very handy.

Peaking out from my hiding

Knowing it would be a rainy day, I had only planned a short route, finishing in Regensburg. Luckily I didn’t have to pitch up my already wet tent and was able to stay in my first German youth hostel. Yes! Finally I’ve found one thats not fully booked up!

More lovely landscapes

Although they definitely cost more, about double the price of camping, it means you have somewhere dry to sleep. Having spent al day cycling in the rain, I didn’t really fancy another rainy night. Plus, it includes breakfast and superfast Wi-Fi!
However, I was rather shocked that it didn’t even have a self catering kitchen. Now thats the basic of a youth hostel I thought! Still, Couscous only requires a bowl full of boiling water and, with a bit of time its ready!

A welcoming youth hostel
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