New blog posts and future plans for Cycling on the Continent

Over the last few weeks while I was meant to be revising, I have been updating my blog! New pages and features are still being added, so check back again in a few weeks.  It feels like a lifetime ago when I started this blog to write about my Europe tour but as I had to make the blog quickly, I now need to change a fair amount of settings and layouts! Also most of it was done from my phone and small tablet before so using a computer make it much easier!

Bridge joining Norway and Sweden

I have also been training for upcoming races, with my racing season starting this weekend, with the University of Birmingham one day stage race. This includes a morning 10 mile time trial and an afternoon circuit race.

I now plan to start blogging again, with new exiting plans, racing, training, equipment pages, riding for Deliveroo review and possible routes for a summer cycle trip.

If this is the first time you’ve come across my blog, feel free to read my blog posts from last summer’s solo tour of Europe, cycling from Oslo, Norway to Girona, Spain. Also you can subscribe to the blog on the bottom right hand side of the page and give my Instagram a follow!

View from Hay Bluff – highest road in Wales
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