Now officially cycling on the Continent!

Day 10 Thursday 2nd June 2016 – Vordingborg to Großenbrode 65 miles

Today was my last day in Scandinavia, an area I will greatly miss, especially Denmark. The countryside is stunning, the food is great and there are cycle paths everywhere. Denmark had the most long distance routes, going from city to city, all signed. The paths in Sweden were better maintained and smoother, but Denmark has planned great routes and paths. Everybody seems to speak near fluent English in Scandinavia.  If you ask them if they do, some will reply with “a little”, meaning they have a vocabulary bigger than mine where’s others you can hardly tell it’s their second language. I never met anybody here who didn’t know basic english, which it one less thing to think about!

Lots of water to cross today, some on bridges and the rest by ferry

I started out and knew there were two bridge’s crossing some water, one with a motorway and the other a smaller road.  One the map they looked about 10 miles apart.  As I was crossing the smaller bridge, I could see the other bridge, looking very fancy and magnificent! Envious of the other bridge, I kept going, trying not to think about what I was missing.
What I didn’t know, was that the bridge I was currently on was only the start, as I went on, I could see a even bigger, better bridge, my bridge! It must have been around three miles long, and just kept going.

A hot, sunny day, once again!

Sure to the campsite’s owner word, I soon came to the town of Maribo, where amongst other things they make the local beer. Industry seemed to be booming in this area, with brewery’s,  machinery manufacturing and green houses stretching for miles of what seemed to be tomatoes.

Local tomatoes anybody?

Wanting to make sure I got the ferry to Germany,  I peddled on, doing 40 miles by lunch. This was just a few minutes away from the port, where I would get the Scandilines ferry to Puttgarden.


Just like the ferry in Helsingborg, there was no queue so went straight to buy my ticket. I saw the price was 120, and thinking this was in euros, thought it was very pricey for a 45 minute journey. I bought it anyway, knowing I had to get across to the main ‘continent ‘. I was quite relieved when I saw on the receipt ‘Danish krone’!

There is something I love about ferrys,  floating in the sea, watching the mainland dissappear from sight before the destination comes slowly into view. As it was slightly longer than the previous ferry, I could sit back and relax, something I hadn’t done properly in a while!

More bridges

There was another couple with bikes, doing short day trips around Germany and Denmark, originally from Switzerland. As we approached the port,  they were teaching me the basic German, something much needed. I barely even knew how to say “please”! Though it slowly came back from my few German lessons at school, many years ago.

Germany wasn’t quite as warm as the 31°c Denmark,  but had a very enjoyable cool breeze, causing the wind turbines which greeted me to slowly turn.

Greeted to Germany with a wind farm!

Back in Scandinavia,  although there were many useful and we’ll maintained cycle paths, there were bearly any touring  cyclists to be seen. But just a few miles into Germany and already I had seen three different groups, all having German high quality Ortlieb panniers. The surface certainly haven’t been done recently on the cycle paths, with many tree roots,and holes to avoid. 

Definitely a different type of architecture here in Germany

Großenbrode was tonight’s destination, with a couple of campsites to be seen. At the first one I  came across, they told me that yes in Denmark cards for payment was fine but here in Germany, you have to carry cash.
Whilst getting some euros out at a bank just up the road, I had my first experience of German driving, with lady reversing her large 4×4, at speed into some railings. Luckily my bike was just missed,  by about 10 cm,  but the same cannot be said about her lights which were now completely smashed over the road! I also learnt that I was very lucky in Scandinavia, with people happily speaking English. Here, most can speak a little, but very few seem to want to, changing back to German mid sentence!

A well needed collapse!

I have previously said that I was getting used to the sun,  but today my whole left  calf seems to have burnt and very rosy. Somewhere I never thought to cover in suncream. Still, lessons learnt!

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