May 24, 2016 Ceri

Day 1 Tuesday 24th May 2016 20 miles This cycling tour around Europe has officially started! I am writing this from a town/city (?) called Sarpsborg, about 20 miles from Rygge Airport and 20 miles to the Swedish border. My alarms went off at 5.30am this morning but had little effect on me as I was already awake, thinking about the day ahead. I had got my bags ready last night so had a quick shower, making most of the hotel’s facilities, then hobbled over to the taxi taking me to the airport. This time a friendly driver! Checking in…

May 24, 2016 Ceri

Monday 23rd May 2016 So the last few days have been hectic! I only started planning this trip about three to four weeks ago so the planning has been limited! I left Hereford this morning and will arrive in Rygge, Norway tomorrow at noon. The journey time in total is taking me around a day, staying the night in Stanstead. Sorting out what to bring wasn’t too much of a problem but packing and making sure I had everything was! Every day I thought I had everything I needed but there was always something more, suncream, pliers, battery pack…The list…

May 18, 2016 Ceri

Since planing my cycling tour this year, I have had about 3 weeks to rush around local shops and online stores to buy a long list of items including panniers and a handlebar bag. Panniers – rear, front and a handlebar bag On previous cycling trips I have been travelling much shorter distances and only for weeks rather than months! Therefore I have only needed two rear panniers to fit everything in. This year however, I will need more space to fit a tent, sleeping bag, stove, gas etc which I previously didn’t need, mainly as…

May 15, 2016 Ceri 2Comment

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May 15, 2016 Ceri 3Comment

My trip starts in about a week,  so planning is fully underway! I find the best way to plan a cycling tour is to plan an outline route, with highlights including large cities, places of interest and countries that the tour will go through. This means that any regional map can be bought before you start. However, anymore planning like the actual route, including accommodation and roads that will be used can be made day to day when on the trip. This enables you to change your plan and detour to other locations and interesting points that you hear about….

May 15, 2016 Ceri

The Tent I’m using is the Wild Country Zephyros 2 Tent. I have recently bought it (around £120 – £150) and it has got itself into the good books straight away. It’s lightweight,  coming on the scales under 2kg (1.81kg to be exact), highly waterproof  at around 5000mm hydrostatic head rating and is a good size for a solo cycle touring trip. More details to follow.. Air vents at each end of the tent

May 15, 2016 Ceri

The bike that I am taking with me on my travels in Europe is a Ridgeback Tour. I’ve had this bike for a few years now (2013 model I think) but have mainly used it for commuting. I’m not the best at looking after and cleaning bikes so it does have some wear and tear! However, it has just had a thougher service, which I have to admit it is the first service in 3 years! Everything seems to be OK apart from a few squeaks here and there. I now just need to pop a front rack, another water bottle…