Pramousquier to Aubagne | France

Day 38 Thursday 30th June 2016 108km (3514km in total)

“When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money.” – Susan Heller

Some campsites have everything I need, others have little, but the price doesn’t always correspond! This campsite have everything I’m pleased to say! Free WiFi,  free showers and a place to charge up my electricals.  When you have to pay extra for those I sometimes begin to dislike the campsite!
One difference between Italy and France compared to the rest of Europe I’ve traveled through is definitely the toilets! Here they rarely have toilet seats and never have toilet paper. Something I have to remember and stock up on, when either visiting cafés or Warmshowers! It seems slightly old fashioned not having toilet seat and am not completely sure why they don’t!


Some days I get to the campsite and think “where did I go today?” Often I’m so concentrated on reaching the destination and get out of the sun that I completely forget what just happened. Or when I’m thinking about life , solving climate change or listening to music, miles can pass when I’m on auto pilot mode.
Today was one of those days!


I was still carrying along the coast towards Marseille. I was mostly on big main roads, but often with cycle paths along the side. So far, the French bike network seems great, much better compared to Italy!
Sometimes road cyclist pass in groups, which if I see in time I can latch onto the back. Today I got on the back of a group, and it was only after 10 minutes that they noticed Iwas still hanging on the back geting a wind-free ride! Normally most riders don’t mind and even point out the potholes for me!


The further south I get and I suppose further into the holiday season, the towns get a lot busier. French isn’t always the most popular language I hear, with German,  Spanish, Dutch, Italian and English wafting through the streets.


Coming into the summer holiday season also means that the campsite prices move from ‘low season’ to ‘high season’. Some places double in price, it can be up to €18 just for my bike, tent and I! I could probably get a flight home for that!


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