Riding for Deliveroo | An overview and referral code

For over a year now I have been delivering food for Deliveroo on my bike. When I started I was new to the city of Bristol and had absolutely no idea where places were. Although it took a while to get used to, having to find restaurants and houses all over Bristol has enabled me to discover areas and learn the roads here. Overall, I thoroughly enjoy being paid to ride, although it does mean riding on busy roads and occasionally in bad weather. Here’s my top tips and the different aspects of signing up and riding for Deliveroo.

The good:

  • Flexible hours
  • Can be good pay
  • Get paid to cycle
  • Good student/part time job

The bad:

  • Bad weather
  • Often quiet during the day, evenings and weekends are the best
  • Self-employed so no holiday pay, sick pay etc.
  • Busy roads and traffic


This section will cover information on how to join and get started. If you are interested, you can get a £50 bonus after your first 20 orders if you sign up with my referral code! Use this link https://roo.it/CE42570 and make sure CE42570 is entered as the referral code.

Things you need:


The process:


After I signed up on the Deliveroo website, I received a phone call interview. This was a basic interview, with general questions about what you do and whether you can cycle. I wouldn’t worry about these questions!

After this call, I was allotted a trial shift with an existing rider along with another trial rider. We followed him around the city collecting orders, how to find restaurants, seeing how the app works and delivering the items. All you need to take is a helmet and have a working bike, as well as lights if it is in the evening.

Within a few days after the trial shift, I was told to go to the local office, where I would be set up, receive equipment and could ask any questions. When I started it was compulsory to wear their branded clothing and bag , however it has now changed and you can wear your own clothes. Therefore, I am currently unsure exactly what you get given when onboarding now. When I signed on, I had to pay £150, which is returned when you leave and hand back the equipment.


The shifts depend on different cities and zones. There are two main options, either free login or where you book sessions. Booking sessions normally happen at the weekend for the coming week, these can be cancelled if needed. Both are fairly flexible, but the free login means that you can literally log in whenever you want and also have no commitment. Some areas have a combination, where you normally have to book but in peak times it is a free login.


The pay also depends on your location. It is either per hour or per drop. Here in Bristol, it is paid per drop and currently £4.25 on Friday/Saturday/Sunday and £3.75 during the week. However there is also an option to receive £4 per drop everyday if you wish.

For shift pay, this can vary but is often either £6/7 per hour + £1 per drop. This is normally the case in quieter areas such as Hereford.

You will keep 100% of the tips, either in cash or with your payment, depending on how the customer paid them.

You will get paid every two weeks, usually on Tuesdays. How much you earn is completely down to you and how busy it is. On weekend evenings, I can normally comfortably deliver around three per hour, meaning £12.75 an hour excluding any tips.

REMEMBER: You can also get £50 bonus after your first 20 orders if you sign up with my referral code! Use this link https://roo.it/CE42570 and make sure CE42570 is entered as the referral code.

Hopefully you won’t get this lost!


The app is very easy to use and is available for both android and iPhones. A link to the app will be sent to you after you have received your onboarding session. Once you want to start, all you need to do is head to the zone centre, turn your location on and select ‘online’ in the app. There is also a new feature that allows you to see how busy it is, this is very useful as it allows you to login when you know there should be orders to deliver.

Picking up orders:

After receiving and accepting an order, the maps will show you how to get to the restaurant or café. Once you get there, you will have to swipe right and confirm you are there. Find a suitable place to park and lock your bike (I use a Kryptonite Keeper 12). Some restaurants have different requirements, like removing your helmet or going through a side entrance. If this is the case, you will see some more information on the app in the comments section.

Finding your way:

I found after a few weeks, the places become familiar, especially as some restaurants are more popular then others. I found that having a case (such as the Topeak Smartphone Dry Bag or Quad Lock ) is very useful for navigation, especially at the beginning. This allows you to navigate and ride safely without having to reach and get out your phone from your pocket constantly.

Delivering orders:

Once you have found the street for your order, make sure you check the correct house number or name. Often it may be flats, like a,b,c etc in the same house so make sure you look at the address or in the comments section in the order for any more information. Once you have found the house, swipe ‘arrived’ in the app.

After you have found the correct house and delivered the food, swipe and confirm ‘delivered’. You will now be able to receive new orders. You can also make an order the last, by going to the options menu and selecting ‘make this order my last’.

Once you have finished, ensure that you are no longer online, otherwise you will keep getting new orders!



There are times when you may make a mistake like delivering to the wrong address, can’t deliver the items or the person isn’t at home. Normally the best option is to phone the Rider Support, you will be given the phone number when you onboard.


Referral code:  

If you want to sign up, you can get a £50 BONUS after you deliver 20 orders if you use this referral code: https://roo.it/CE42570 and make sure this code is entered: CE42570






Note: If you sign up, you will be self employed and will not be employed by Deliveroo themselves. 

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