The 2016 route and planning a cycle tour


My trip starts in about a week,  so planning is fully underway! I find the best way to plan a cycling tour is to plan an outline route, with highlights including large cities, places of interest and countries that the tour will go through. This means that any regional map can be bought before you start.

However, anymore planning like the actual route, including accommodation and roads that will be used can be made day to day when on the trip. This enables you to change your plan and detour to other locations and interesting points that you hear about. Often when on cycling tours, you will meet people or hear about other places to visit. On a personal note, I find it too much of a hassle to plan individual days and routes as there are so many variables on the distances you can travel each day.  It often depends on weather, fatigue or terrain.  Not planning daily routes mean you have a freedom to change your mind to accommodate new ideas. On the other hand, if you’re planning a shorter trip, planing more in detail can help with return transport and accommodation.

This cycling tour I will fly out to Oslo, then head south towards Spain. Countries I hope too visit includes Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Czech, Austria, Italy, France and finally Spain. I haven’t made a real estimate of the length of the trip but am allowing 6-8 weeks. However I have most of the summer so can take longer if needed!

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