When you hit the snooze button again and again

Day 19 Saturday 11th June 2016 – Bamberg to Berg 55 miles (1102 miles in total)

Todays route

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Today was one of those days when you set an alarm but just press snooze and snooze again. I like to leave early in the morning, but the miles are starting to take their toll. However it meant I had a nice lie in to start the weekends travels, after getting up two hours later than planned.

Slightly cloudy day

The further south in Germany I get, the cooler and wetter it seems to get. It might be the area or just a change in weather. Today it was looking dry but the cloud continues to stay. This is almost the perfect conditions for cycling as although 30°c is very nice, it can start to become a problem if your cycling every day. 

Some great views

One thing that I’ve is quite different in Europe compared to the UK is the different laws and legislations. A good example is smoking and cigarettes. In the UK advertisement is banned and they are hidden behind closed doors in shops. Here though most stores have little machines which you press the button of the type you want and it pops out. In villages and towns they have at least one, often more of cigarettes dispensers. Not that I’m a smoker or would recommend it, but its interesting to see the different cultures and laws.

Cigarette dispensers

So far I haven’t seen a great deal of road cyclists in lycra, apart from the odd one or two in Denmark and Sweden. Here, I’m starting to see more, with a group of around 20 children,  around the age of 10-15 all going for a ride. They were all wearing matching team kits. I let them overtake me but managed to get some free speed drafting behind them for a few miles. Compared to the UK, club road cycling doesn’t seem to have caught on quite as much. There are still many leisure riders out for the day, making full use of the flat cycling paths.

Mountains in the distance

Instead of staying in Nuremburg I decieded to avoid the busy roads and kept to the country lanes. These you often climb more, especially on smaller roads but the views certainly make it worth it. Cycling out of the main cities also mean you get to pass through the smaller and pretty villages. Seeing residents cleaning the streets is something I’ve got used to seeing now. Washing the streets, weeding the pavements and sweeping is a common sight. Maybe their gardens extend out on to the roads!

A canal apparently linking one of the longest rivers in Europe to the Rhine

The day had started out cloudy but soon cleared. However, as I neared the campsite, I could feel drops of rain slowly start to fall. With only five miles left I increased my speed, determined not to get too wet. 
After a kind Germany fellow camper translated the notice on the closed reception door (saying make yourselves at home and pay at 6pm), I managed to pitch my tent just before the heavens opened.
Like most rain here it was luckily only a short shower, meaning I could enjoy my Quinoa looking over the magnificent view.

An open exposed but great little campsite
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